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Entitlement Process

Whether large or small, local or national, your project begins here:  Entitlement. 
Every project is unique in its entitlement request, however there is a general process each project follows:
1. First, submit drawings and work with village staff to address planning and code requirements.
2. After plan development with staff, the village's Plan Commission will review the plans at a workshop meeting.  The workshop is a public meeting but not a public hearing.  Plan Commission has regularly scheduled meetings on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month.

3. Following the workshop meeting, plans are revised to address concerns of the Plan Commission.  Revised plans are then presented at a public hearing, conducted by the Plan Commission.  Plan Commissioners then forward their recommendation to the Mayor and Village Board.
4. After the Plan Commission approves minutes of the public hearing, the Village Board reviews the complete record and makes a final determination regarding the entitlement request(s).