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Al Fresco in Frankfort

Temporary Outdoor Seating

Frankfort will grant temporary outdoor seating permits for any food establishment desiring to open and operate an outdoor dining area under Governor Pritzker's easing of Phase 3 recovery standards, announced May 20, 2020. Illinois is anticipated to move to Phase 3 of the Governor's Restore Illinois plan on May 29. The guidelines below are published to assist restaurants and liquor license holders in navigating the new operational allowances. Please keep in mind, all guidance is subject to change as the situation continues to evolve.

UPDATE 5/29/2020 - DCEO Releases Phase 3 Restaurant & Bar Guidelines
UPDATE 6/18/2020 - Village Extends temporary outdoor seating permits to October 5, 2020.

Restaurant Operators

Existing Outdoor Seating Areas
Existing outdoor seating areas may be used without additional Village permits, provided seating arrangements are modified to comply with the six-foot minimum spacing requirements set forth by the State of Illinois and the seating area passes a routine compliance inspection. Continued use of outdoor seating areas remains subject to change at any time as the Village will continue to follow guidance from the State of Illinois and public health agencies.

New or Expanded Outdoor Seating Areas
New or expanded outdoor seating areas on private property will be permitted for restaurants after issuance of a no-fee temporary outdoor seating permit. Continued use of outdoor seating areas remains subject to change at any time as the Village will continue to follow guidance from the State of Illinois and public health agencies.

To obtain a no-fee temporary outdoor seating permit, restaurants are expected to submit their plan addressing, at a minimum, the following items:

  1. Written permission of property owner.
  2. Proof of Insurance - Village of Frankfort must be listed as additionally insured.
  3. Curbside / To-Go service plan.
  4. Seating location, including dimensions and table/seating layout. Quantity of tables & chairs may not exceed existing store capacity.
  5. Cleaning, sanitation and trash plan.
  6. Security plan addressing storage and security of tables & chairs during severe weather and while closed.
  7. Evacuation/Closure plan and standard to address severe weather.
  8. Safety plan addressing pedestrian vs. vehicular conflicts, if any. When present, effective barriers are required.
  9. Lighting plan if open during low-light hours.
  10. Tent usage must comply with all normal and customary safety requirements.
  11. Restroom access must be provided on a restricted basis; access to the indoor space must be monitored.
  12. Statement agreeing to observe all standards and guidance, as continually modified, issued by the State of Illinois, Will County and/or the Village of Frankfort.
  13. Statement of understanding to confirm no additional commercial signage will be displayed, such as on tents, table umbrellas, or otherwise.

Liquor License Holders

Liquor license holders interested in establishing new or expanded outdoor seating areas are required to obtain a temporary outdoor seating permit as described above for restaurant operators. Liquor license holders must also observe the following additional requirements:

  1. Location must immediately adjoin the indoor restaurant space.
  2. Any area intended for liquor service must be enclosed with a barrier/fence that creates a monitored entry/exit point.
  3. If to-go containers will be used for beverages, plan must specify different containers for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  4. Signage must be posted to state "Alcohol prohibited beyond this point."

Apply for a Temporary Outdoor Seating Area Permit

Submit your written plan and any supporting maps, diagrams or other information to outdoorseating@frankfortil.org. Alternatively, you may submit paper materials 24-7 by using the water bill drop box located in the front parking lot of the Village Hall at 432 W Nebraska Street.