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Village Zoning

All property in Frankfort is classified into zoning districts that define the standards by which property may be used.  Fifteen different zoning districts are established by the Zoning Ordinance:

AG - Agricultural District
B1 - Local Business District
B2 - Community Business District
B3 - General Business District
B4 - Office District
H1 - Historic District
HR - Historic Residential District
I1 - Limited Industrial District
I2 - General Industrial District
OR - Office/Research/Limited Industrial District
ER - Estate Residential District
R1 - Single Family Residential District
R2 - Single Family Residential District
R3 - Attached Two Family Residential District
R4 - Attached Single Family Residential District

How to Determine Zoning for your Property 

You should first know if your property is located within the corporate limits of the Village of Frankfort.  Simply having a Frankfort mailing address or receiving water/sewer service from Frankfort is not definitive since there are several unicorporated areas of Frankfort.  The simplest way to determine if you are within the corporate limits is to look at your tax bill and look for the Village of Frankfort line item.  If you do not pay taxes to the Village of Frankfort, you will need to contact the Will County Land Use Department to determine the zoning of your property. 
Property Within the Corporate Limits
The simplest way to determine zoning for your property is to locate your property on the Official Zoning Map, which may be downloaded for free through this website, purchased on paper copy or viewed at the Administration Building.  Alternatively, you may contact the Building & Zoning Department - Please have your Permanent Parcel Identification Number (PIN) available when you inquire.